Corona still rules the (sports) world. We long for tournaments, we long for clinics. Unfortunately, these cannot currently take place in the normal way.

Nevertheless, we would like to invite you to join us – virtually in our new MOVIE training center via Zoom for an exclusive seminar day – the „MOVIE educationday“ on April 18th. Our coach Daniel Kaiser and German national team athlete Alina Roß will give exclusive insights into our training philosophy.

What can you expect? No more „standard“ corrections! In this first course we will give you clarity about the movement sequences of the compulsory exercises „swing / scissors forward and backward“ and the „mount“ . We will analyze the techniques in detail from the perspective of biomechanics using video material and show ways of targeted, long-term training (training methodology). Surprises are guaranteed – because we call into question many „common“ training principles and would like to discuss them with you to sensitize you to new insights and perspectives. The videos will be available as download link.

A special focus will be on the way how the trainer can provide verbal and non-verbal support according to the correct methodical structure. Finally, we will present our Top 5 strength and training exercises for each compulsory exercise. In addition, all participants receive a PDF summary so that they can implement the exercises in home training with their own vaulters.

Who is the seminar aimed at? We look forward to coaches and athletes alike, although the focus at such an event can of course be primarily on the theoretical understanding of the exercises.

In the seminar we will try to go into detail on all aspects of the exercises. Of course, you have the opportunity to ask your specific questions – either in advance as a suggestion in the registration form or directly at the day of the zoom seminar.

Time schedule (time zone CET)
9.30 a.m.: introduction
10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.: module I – swing forward / scissors
1.00 – 3.00 p.m.: module II – swing backward / scissors
3.30 – 5.30 p.m.: module III – mount
5.30 p.m.: final discussion

60 € including VAT for the entire seminar – modules I to III
(Registration for a single module is possible in a very limited number for € 25)

Notes: The day of the seminar will be held in German on April 11th and in English on April 18th as well as April 25th.
Attention: If possible, please register as soon as possible to make it easier for our planing. For our friends overseas – USA / Canada etc.: We will host another event that is better tailored to you in terms of schedule / time zone. The event on April 18th is the „European“ edition


Note: The event will be held in German on April 11 and in English on April 18 as well as April 25.
If you are interested in only one or two modules (only possible to a very limited extent), please contact us by email:
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